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Writing has always been something I have enjoyed. That is, when I was able to sit still long enough. As a kid, I loved to sneak away somewhere and dream of better places, big adventures, and, of course, great heroic accomplishments. Dreaming is easy, dreaming big was exciting but most importantly, I never held back. I began writing my adventures when I was young, even winning a local newspaper award when I was eleven. I briefly thought about pursuing a writing career but as I grew older my desire had become Architecture and Design. The first chance I had, I headed north to a college in New York to complete my much-anticipated Architecture and Design education. After a few years of tough winters and numerous low paying jobs, I graduated and promptly moved back south to pursue my career. It wasn't easy, but after taking beatings from one mentor after another, I finally began to develop my own style and my own place in the industry. Everything was good and the future looked even brighter, until the recession hit, projects dried up and my job disappeared. There was nothing I could do, companies were closing their doors and no one was hiring. To make matters worse, the stress from being laid-off caused a major rupture in my eyes, a result of my diabetic retinopathy. I became completely blind in one eye and partially in the other. Even though I had been told of the possibility, I never expected it to happen to me at such a young age or really, at all. Regaining a job in the current economy, my career choice, at least, suddenly seemed impossible. The depressing state of the economy and my frustrating circumstances made me determined to escape and I began to do what I always did as a kid-- daydream of a better place. The thoughts and dreams were far better than I would have expected and with nothing else to do, it became easy to develop story after story. Once one of my eyes cleared up enough, I began to type my thoughts and dreams. They began flooding through my head so fast I could barely keep up with them. Within a month, I had a completed novel and an idea that maybe there is something else I can do besides wait. I hate waiting. That's all I had been doing is waiting: waiting for my eyes to heal, waiting for surgery, waiting for the doctors to tell me that I am going to be fine, waiting for my industry to be available to me again, but most of all, waiting for it all to be good again. I hate waiting. I have to have some control over how long I wait in order for things to be good again. It's been a couple of years since I finished my first novel, and I have spent my time studying-- listening to audio books of anything and everything to learn about writing, and most of all, editing. In the meantime, I have had several surgeries and many treatments for my eyesight to return and, though not a hundred percent, I can do most everything I did before. The pages can be a little blurry, or even broken at times, but I can see well enough to type every dream I have and enjoy a new passion by way of an old habit.

Jennifer Loren graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with a Fine Arts Degree, specializing in Architecture and Design, and also obtained a second degree in Computer Design. She currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her German shepherd, Riley. In addition to the vastly popular, top mafia romance and best selling series, The Devil’s Eyes, Ms Loren has successfully published best selling romantic suspense novel Finding Ava and its sequel Reckless and the best selling short story, The Hand That Holds Mine. Her writing genre is considered dark, romantic suspense and her style is best described as Dark, Twisted and Dangerously Sexy. 

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